At, we believe that providing customers with the highest quality garments that protect against disease and hazardous material is our duty. With the World Health Organization (WHO) deeming the current Ebola outbreak “the greatest medical concern of our times,” we are following up on the notion that stopping the spread of the virus is the only way to eradicate it. Putting an end to the Ebola virus is reliant on our ability to distance ourselves from those infected with the virus. We provide professional grade DuPont™ products that are rigorously tested against chemicals and blood borne pathogens. We stand by our products and provide the general public with the same products we would trust to protect ourselves and our loved ones should the need arise to do so.

To ensure that we provide consumers with the best possible option for safeguarding themselves and their loved ones, we distribute products made from Dupont™, a trusted name in garments that protect against hazardous materials and pathogens. Our EbolaSuits are a blend of DuPont™ Tychem® material, with the addition of a polyethylene coating for added chemical protection. This fabric has been tested by third party labs to ensure their reliability with regard to chemical permeation resistance.

Our small business identified the consumer demand for our products with the recent rise of Ebola cases in the United States. With the United States government bulk ordering suits, and the suppliers struggling to meet the demand, we decided there was a need for a company capable of facilitating the process of obtaining protective wear.


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